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I was working on release night so I did not get to see Iron Man 3 until the following sunday needless to say by that point I had heard quite a bit of feedback from different sources and there seemed to be one direct correlation between two very separate views. Everyone from moderate to hardcore comic book fans seemed to think that the interpretation the movie took on the main villain known as "The Mandarin" was to put it mildly a train wreck. The other view point was that of your average marvel movie fan who seemed to think Iron Man 3 was the best thing since the Avengers and was happily ignorant of any misinterpretation. Though I had heard of the misinterpretation of the character I had made sure not learn any actual details as I wanted to get the full impact of what ever emotions hit me during the the viewing. As I entered the theatre my expectations had defiantly been tempered quite a bit from what they were in the previous few months I spent the next two hours and ten minutes feeling there was defiantly a sense of comfort in the good old marvel super hero feel of the movie Tony Stark played by Robert Downey Jr was in top form from his witty charm to his never ending arrogance in the face of terrible odds he was the hero fans love and villains love to hate. The supporting role of Pepper Potts played by Gwyneth Paltrow was expanded upon substantially throughout the length of the film. The strength of Peppers character is defiantly utilized in much better fashion than in Iron Man 2 were I believe she was degraded down to your basic damsel in distress role when the true character is that of a strong stubborn woman much the parallel of Tony Stark though maybe a bit more practical. The small side role of Happy Hogan played by Jon Favreau is decreased to almost none existence though you get a little taste in the beginning of the film from that point on he is merely a thought in the back of Tony Starks mind. I thought this was unfortunate as the banter between Tony and Happy has been some of the Iron Man series best comedy. This is how ever offset by the addition of more screen time for Colonel James Rhodes aka "War Machine" aka "Iron Patriot" played by Don Cheadle. I thought the added scenes with James character helped to contrast the fact that all though Tony Stark is Iron Man he is still just an engineer not a soldier and can easily be put out of his comfort zone. Now to the real meat and potatoes without giving away any of the key faults specifically suffice to say that Sir Ben Kingsley who plays "The Mandrin" is completely under utilized in his role and while the role of Aldrich Killian played by Guy Pearce is done very well the the entire concept behind the character is really underwhelming and to be honest totally incorrect. It seems to me that the way marvel was trying to let this story be played out was the aim at getting that "AHA" moment from the audience by creating a slight twist of what you were expecting for me this did not create that "AHA" moment more of a "O BOY"" moment. Needless to say I am leaning with that first view I mentioned above. The interpretation of the villain being a total train wreck and while I thought the movie was still better than Iron Man 2 as a whole I believe the villain played by Mickey Rourke in the second movie was a much more emotionally involved nemesis for Tony Stark. In closing while many seem to disagree with me I don't believe Iron Man 3 is anywhere near the same quality as Avengers or Iron Man the original and while I do believe it is worth seeing I do believe expectations should be lowered quite a bit before going into the theatre less you be disappointed.

Excellent performance by Robert Downey Jr
More of Don Cheadle was a good thing
Good Special Effects

Story was lacking in anything emotional
Tragic interpretation of Iron Mans main nemesis 
Regenerating science story line was corny and unexplained
Multiple supporting characters were underdeveloped 

Rating: 7.5


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